Wagnalls Community Theater

Wagnalls Community Theater

Wagnalls Community Theater in Lithopolis, Ohio is dedicated to building a thriving community theater that is appropriate for all ages. Our mutual partnership with The Wagnalls Memorial enables us to hold practices and performances in the beautiful, historic Wagnalls Auditorium.


Director: Chris Gallaugher
Music Director: Theo Jackson

Auditions for Matilda the Musical:
Aug 24 or 25, 3-4:30pm or 4:30-6pm. Callbacks Aug 26, 6:30pm.
Auditions will consist of: singing a selection from the show (song will be provided prior to auditions), a dance assessment and reading from the script. See character list below.

Register for an audition here.

Performances: October 25-27 (Fri/Sat 7:30, Sun 3:00) and Nov 1-3 (Fri 7:30, Sat *3:00 & 7:30, Sun 3:00). 

*Sensory-friendly performance

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will begin September 5 and will typically be Sunday-Thursday, 6:30-9:30, although not all actors will be required at every rehearsal. Actors may not have ANY absences for rehearsals October 19-24 (Oct 19 & 20 will be daytime or evening rehearsals) or performances October 25-27 (Fri/Sat 7:30, Sun 3:00) and Nov 1-3 (Fri 7:30, Sat 3:00 & 7:30, Sun 3:00).

Audition Workshop for Children/Teens (ages 7-17): Designed for children/teens, and led by the show Production Team, this workshop will support children/teens in building the confidence and skills needed to audition for Matilda the Musical. Workshop will be held August 17, from 10am-1pm, with coaching in acting, choreography and vocals at the Wagnalls Community Theater. Fee: $25

Register for audition workshop here.

Note: Attending this workshop does not guarantee casting in the show. This is a teaching experience only and not part of the audition process, nor will it substitute for auditioning. Auditions will be held August 24 and 25, beginning at 3pm. Audition registration is separate.


Matilda Character Breakdown
We support diversity in casting & all roles will be filled without regard to ethnicity. Some roles gender may be changed.

  • Matilda Wormwood (lead): Female, to play age 8-11; A fiercely clever child, living in an abusive household she escapes into books and her imagination; extremely bright, fearless and focused, and able to speak assertively; strong moral compass with a smart, analytical mind; strong singer, confident speaker& mover. Vocal range top: D5; bottom: A3
  • Miss Agatha Trunchbull (lead): Male or Female, to play age 30 – 50: Usually played by a male but will consider female; A gigantic, holy terror, a fierce tyrannical monster; headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School; preferably tall & physically imposing, must be physically fit and agile. Must sing. Vocal range top: G4; bottom: A2
  • Miss Honey (lead): Female, to play age 25-35; Matilda’s kind-hearted teacher. Must sing. Vocal range top: D5; bottom: F3
  • Mr. Wormwood: (lead) Male, to play age 30-50; A mean crooked crook; scheming, dense, slick; should have an ease of movement, or skills in clowning or pantomime; must sing. Vocal range top: A4; bottom: D3
  • Mrs. Wormwood (lead): Female, to play age 25-45; Matilda’s clueless mother. Shallow, vain, loud of voice, dress and makeup; amateur ballroom dancer. Must sing (Belt to top F/G) and dance or strong movement.
  • Matilda’s Classmates (8 of them, Supporting Leads). All will sing & must be good movers:
  • Bruce: Male, to play age 12-17, (vocal top E5, bottom C4)
  • Lavender: Female, to play age 7-11
  • Amanda, Alice, & Hortensia: Female, to play ages 10-17
  • Eric, Nigel, & Tommy: Male, to play ages 10-17
  • Mrs. Phelps (supporting): Female, to play age 30-70; local librarian; warm and nurturing; loves a good story; possibly Caribbean or other exotic accent; must sing as ensemble.
  • Michael Wormwood (supporting): Male, to play age 12-17; Matilda’s older brother. Not very bright but still favored by his parents.
  • Rudolpho: (supporting) Male, to play age 20-40; Mrs. Wormwood’s ballroom dance partner. Vocal range top A4, bottom D3
  • Ensemble (Chorus / various supporting roles. Some have lines and solo singing): Parents, Escapologist, Doctor, Acrobat, Cook, Henchmen, etc. : Males & Females,  ages 18-70.

For questions about the Wagnalls Community Theater, or our upcoming productions, please contact  wagnallscommunitytheater@gmail.com.