Game of Soups – Virtual Edition

The Game of Soups is going virtual this year!  Even though we can’t share soup in person, we still want you to share your favorite soup recipes with the community.  This year, send us your tried and true family favorite soup recipes.  We will compile the recipes into a community recipe book that you can download and print or check out from the library.  This will be a great way to bring our community together and try some new soups this winter!

You can either email your recipe to Sarah at or drop off your recipe at The Wagnalls Memorial.  Please include your name and what city you live in.

Optional:  Do you have a handwritten copy of your recipe handed down from generation to generation?  Do you have a photo of your great grandmother who created the recipe?  Do you have a funny story associated with how the recipe came to be?   Please share any stories or photos in your email.  If you need help scanning a photo or handwritten recipe so it can be included, a staff member will be happy to help you at the library.

The deadline for submissions is Monday November 23rd at 5:00pm.