Checker TV at Wagnalls

Checkers TV is here!

The Wagnalls Memorial Library is welcoming a new virtual kids and family program to our site: Checkers Library TV!

What is Checkers Library TV?

A brand new virtual online program created specifically for libraries, Checkers Library TV has kids and family educational and entertaining programs featuring Checkers the Inventor, his robot sidekick Snoozer, and a variety of special visitors including medical professionals, community leaders, police officers, firefighters, and other special guests.

Each half-hour episode also includes a variety of segments to keep kids interested, amused and engaged, including:

  • Storytelling
  • Author interviews
  • Art projects and science experiments
  • Interactive games and contests
  • Comedy and magic
  • Exciting short films

Children will fall in love with the imaginative characters and unique story lines, and each action-packed episode will leave everyone thrilled and thoroughly satisfied!

Who is Checkers?

Checkers is a published author of a kids’ book series, a presenter of five different educational programs for schools throughout New York, Pennsylvania and the surrounding states, and a speaker at high schools. He’s also an innovator in multimedia educational entertainment content, producing online video content with over six million views on YouTube worldwide.

Checkers is committed to the betterment of children through multimedia educational entertainment, reaching kids through live performances, books, online videos, and community events while inspiring and motivating them to learn. Together with his robot sidekick Snoozer, Checkers travels to libraries, schools, and all kinds of family events to spread their message of creativity and love of learning.

We know you’ll enjoy Checkers Library TV! Click the link to watch the programs!   Checkers TV  

For additional information about Checkers TV, please contact Paula at 614-837-4765 ext 112 or