Tax Form Information

This year, the IRS is only sending libraries a limited number of:

• 1040 forms and instruction booklets

• 1040A forms and instruction booklets

• 1040EZ forms and instruction booklets

The state of Ohio is only sending a limited number of:

• Instruction booklets for state/school district

Wagnalls will print out a limited number of forms for state and school district for our patrons, but we regretfully cannot absorb the expense of printing additional copies or forms.  However, you can still get the forms you need for free!

To get federal tax forms and instruction booklets, you can either:

1. Go to 

2. Call 1-800-829-3676.

To get Ohio and School District tax forms and booklets, you can either:

1. Go to

2. Call 1-800-282-1782.