Catering Services

Wagnalls offers several catering options to best suit your needs. Our catering partners provide everything from sophisticated cuisine to flavorful barbeque. With a variety of menu options and flavors, we provide catering services for all types of events. For approved catering partners there is a 10% F&B and should you choose another caterer not included on our list of partners, a 15% fee will be incurred.

Great for All Occasions:

• Wedding Catering           • Graduation Parties       • Holiday Catering
• Business Catering           • Company Picnics           • Special Event Catering

Creative Cuisine Catering



Creative Cuisine is a full service catering and event company with over forty years experience. Fabulous food is only the beginning; our creative professional staff has the experience of designing and producing amazing events for groups of all sizes. Whether you are seeking a company to oversee your entire event or to provide outstanding service to just one part of it we believe it’s all about the experience. That’s why our focus is to create the perfect event. At home, at the office or anywhere you choose.

At Creative Cuisine we’re leading the way with organic catering and green entertaining. That means menus made from sustainable, farm to table ingredients with fresh tastes for every season of the year. We include on all events environmentally friendly plates, cups and cutlery produced by utilizing sugarcane pulp. We wash all of our dishes using an energy star rated high temperature dish machine that used 25% less water and chemicals, In addition we encourage bulk water and Juice displays along with reducing, reusing, recycling throughout our building whenever possible.

At Creative Cuisine our menu library is comprised of thousands of recipes to create farm to table fresh tastes for every season. Our Executive Chef David Tidd along with owner Shauna Chrisman develop custom menus that can support any client request for ethnic or special dietary needs. Creative Cuisine believes in having strategic partners to provide a one of a kind dining experience and will partner with specialty food vendors when needed to provide a client with unique foods from local or national resources.

Thank you for your interest in Creative Cuisine. We appreciate the opportunity to play a role in the very beginning stages of your Event. Your friends, colleagues and boss will “ooh and ahh” over the delicious food and professional, friendly service that are essential for easy, stress-free catering and event planning.

How do we get started? Check us out at

City Barbeque

We cater great events (like yours!)

We may cater thousands of special events each year (and we do), but we bring our best to every single one, no matter what the occasion: formal weddings, business meetings, barn-busting parties, or backyard get-togethers. We promise the barbeque will be delicious, our team will be friendly, and your guests will be beyond impressed.

We promise excellent service

Right up there, where we promised “our team will be friendly”? “Friendly” is just the tip of the iceberg: since we exist to serve and create happiness, our folks tend to go the extra mile to make sure your event is flawless and fun. Not only is City Barbeque catering personable, it’s personalized—our catering experts will work with you every step of the way to make a plan that fits your needs and budget.

We serve incredible barbeque (and more!)

Want to wow your guests with some national award–winning barbeque? We got you. Need to knock their socks off with a hand-dipped caramel apple bar? Easy-peasy. You’ve got a bunch of vegetarian guests? They’re gonna rave about us. Whichever menu you choose, you can rest easy knowing that every delicious thing we serve will be freshly made and up to our rigid competition-quality standards. And in case you haven’t had City Barbeque catering before, you should know that folks tend to love it. A lot.

To reserve a room for your next business event or to learn more about our catering services, please contact Sarah Mayzum at (614) 837-4765 ext. 126 or email her at